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The 30 Laws of Flow: Timeless Principles For Entrepreneurial Success


Many entrepreneurs are challenged with productivity as we live in a sea of interruptions.  The 30 Laws of Flow will guide you through a 30 day journey using timeless principles to integrate new success habits into your daily routine. You will be introduced to the success secrets of the extraordinary millionaires and billionaires.

Each day for 30 days you will receive a meditation, time for gratitude, an idea for physical exercise, a hydration reminder, a life insight, a mindful practice and a success strategy.

Each morning, after waking up, I would suggest that the meditation, gratitude, exercise and hydration become your essential core success rituals/habits/practices. Then you can further set the tone for your day by focusing on a life insight, a mindful practice or a success strategy.

Feel free to read the meditation and breathe in relaxation as you read it. Or listen to a recording in the morning to start your day or even end your day. You can purchase the meditations I have recorded as MP3s with Rodney Ronquillo’s soothing music in the background. The meditations (either read or listened to) will help re-condition your thinking for success.

Enjoy the process of integrating in new success habits and watch as your productivity skyrockets!

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