5 Things to Avoid in Your Anti-Aging Skin Care

We all want to have great skin as we age. But environmental factors, stress, genetics, and a busy life all play a part in how our skin looks over the years. So if you're like most people you're probably buying [...]

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Gratitude and Happiness Revealed – Happy Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving Day just around the corner in Canada, I thought it is the perfect time to be reminded about gratitude. It is wonderful when we become aware of something, then we notice it everywhere. Being reminded of the vibration [...]

Discover Your Blueprint and Find Your Path

Are you ready to : Dismantle your harmful & self-sabotaging patterns Deepen relationships with your family, friends, co-workers & community Tap into new inspiration & cultivate your creativity Gain greater self-acceptance, self-love & compassion for others Share your unique gifts [...]

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