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Personal Health Assessment – Wellness Consultations

Personal Health & Lifestyle Assessment – to Better Health & Vitality

Real health starts at the cellular level

Cellular repair through nutrition and supplements specific to your needs can improve health and reverse the aging process. In 40 years of practice, Charlene has never recommended the same diet twice.

Charlene will take a detailed look at your present condition, what your health goals are and give you a nutritional, dietary, and lifestyle analysis custom-tailored to your specific needs and concerns.

Wellness Assessment Plus

  • Symptomatology form
  • One on one consultation
  • Detailed look at your diet
  • Identify potential allergies
  • Comprehensive lifestyle review
  • Connecting you to metaphysical causes

Real Health Starts at the Cellular Level

Personal Health Assessments

Cellular repair through nutrition and supplements specific to your needs can improve health and reverse the aging process. In 40 years of practice, Charlene has never recommended the same diet twice.

Every health consultation with Charlene is unique. As you explore your personal health concerns with her, you will gain an understanding of:

  • Your Energy Issues: We are energy beings. When our energy gets blocked, our health suffers. During the consultation the source of energy blockages will be identified.
  • Health Information Specific to Your Issues: Charlene shares her knowledge throughout the consultation so that you have the information you need to manage your specific health challenges. Her objective is to empower you to care for your own health.
  • Your Optimal Health Plan: Charlene helps you determine how to unblock your energy and develop a health plan that includes diet and supplements. If other care is required such as homeopathy or psychotherapy, she provides a referral to a trusted professional.

Charlene is more than happy to help with any of the following:

  • Individualized health coaching
  • Symptomatology questionnaire
  • Dietary analysis
  • Lifestyle analysis
  • Making sense of conflicting theories of nutrition
  • Aligning your intentions, thoughts, emotions, drives, wishes, beliefs and attitudes about food (including subconscious ones)
  • Connecting you to metaphysical causes
  • Recommendations for gradual and long lasting changes in tune with your ability to adapt
  • Detoxification and cleansing programs
  • Counseling on the use of food supplements
  • High quality food supplements in harmony with nature
  • Environmental cleaning products to support sensitivities
  • Stress management utilizing resourceful techniques
Healthprint™ Your Personalized Health Builder

Ongoing Support

As a follow-up to your health consultation, Charlene is available for the occasional
telephone conversation. Clients also find the following valuable:

naturally-safe-300x194Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, Weight Management Products, and More!

Read more about the high quality, high vibration health products:

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Why Do I Feel This Way?Why Do I Feel This Way?

Charlene Day, along with co-author Christine Gaber, introduce their new revised 4th edition. This educational book covers information on health, supplementation, household and personal care products, and much more. It is also an extensive self-help resource guide with suggestions on how to naturally and nutritionally deal with well over 200 symptoms. For more information, and to order this book, please visit Health-thru-knowledge.com $45.95 or to order if you are local to Toronto, ON please go to

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The Ideal Basic DietThe Ideal Basic Diet Fridge Magnets

A magnet that you can look at every time you go to the fridge, to remind yourself of your best food choices to keep your body balanced and alkalined. Created by Nutritional Expert Charlene Day

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The Immune System Hand BookThe Immune System Handbook

A great, informative book about how to prevent disease and how to understand your immune system. The information is presented through cartoon characters and an entertaining five-act play. You are introduced to a host of natural health methods.  Written by Charlene Day.


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A Guide to Unconventional Cancer TherapiesA Guide to Unconventional Cancer Therapies

Charlene Day is a contributing author in this wonderfully informative book on how to prevent and treat cancer. It is laid out with tabs so you can have a quick reference to the different areas of the book.This book highlights Natural Health Practices, Herbal Therapies, Dietary Therapies, Physical Therapies, Psychological Therapies, Vitamins and Minerals, plus much more. This book is an Ontario Breast Cancer Information Project.


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“The key to developing a healthy immune system is to learn what makes it work in the first place. Understanding the mechanisms involved is crucial if one wishes to optimize health. Thanks to The Immune System Handbook this task is made simple and fun. Charlene Day, through her step-by-step approach, gives the reader a clear picture of how the immune system works and how to enhance its actions. As a health care practitioner and educator, I highly recommend this book to everyone.”
Zoltan P. Rona, M.D., M.Sc.,, Author of The Joy of Health, Past President, Canadian Holistic Medical Association
“The Immune System Handbook will empower you to understand and activate your own immune system. A must read for this stressful time.”

Eli Bay, Director, The Relaxation Response Center
“The Immune System Handbook is a readable “instruction manual” for your body’s defense department. Charlene Day makes it easy for everyone to understand how their body protects them from disease, and how to help enhance those defenses … every human being should have this book.”
Peter G. Hansen, M.D., Author of the bestseller: The Joy of Stress

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